RSS Sign-In & Summary Information

Sign in sheet submission

We will accept the sign in information from your RSSs in one of two formats. Sample Excel spreadsheets are attached by links below.

The two spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheet entitled, SUMMARY, is for the submission of summary data. This would require you to fill in demographic/contact data and then merely enter a summary of total hours that your records demonstrate the individual attended.

Excel spreadsheet entitled, SIGN-IN SHEET, is for submission of week by week data (assuming you meet each week). The design is such that this could made available on a laptop, etc and then attendees fills in the SUMMARY format should also be submitted as we need the demographic/contact information to ensure that we have the correct individual (same name problem avoided this way) as well as reasonably up to date information on where to send the CME certificate.

Sample RSS SUMMARY Sheet (Excel)

Sample RSS SIGN-IN Sheet (Excel)

Instructions for Submitting Participant Data (PDF)

If you have questions or need further information concerning RSCs and CME, please contact:
Gail Miller
RSS Compliance Specialist

or check the RSS FAQ