Appointment of JHU’s first Gilman Scholars

(A message from the president and provost)

We are pleased to announce the appointment of the first Gilman Scholars, recipients of a new distinction recognizing the very best of the best at The Johns Hopkins University.

This designation honors colleagues who exemplify the highest ideals of the university, as demonstrated through distinguished research and scholarship, artistic and creative activity, teaching, mentoring and service. The title is open to faculty members in the academic divisions and to professional staff at the Applied Physics Laboratory.

The honor is, of course, named for Daniel Coit Gilman. He was our university’s visionary first president. He was also the champion in this country of a then-revolutionary idea: that universities best advance humanity by pursuing simultaneously both great teaching and path-breaking discovery.

Our first group of Gilman Scholars comprises 17 men and women from across the university. Among them are Nobel laureates, award-winning teachers and world-renowned researchers and scholars. The group was confirmed by the president upon the provost’s recommendation after nomination by the deans and directors. The Board of Trustees approved the nominations last week.

Gilman Scholars will retain the title until retirement or as long as they remain at Johns Hopkins. The existing group of scholars will help select up to five new members annually. The total number of Gilman Scholars will remain very limited.

The 17 initial designees are John Sommerer of the Applied Physics Laboratory; Charles Bennett, Adam Riess and Gabrielle Spiegel of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences; Peter Agre, Diane Griffin and Alfred Sommer of the Bloomberg School of Public Health; Lisa Cooper, Andrew Feinberg, Carol Greider, Bert Vogelstein and Solomon Snyder of the School of Medicine; Jacquelyn Campbell of the School of Nursing; Andrew Talle of the Peabody Institute; David Lampton of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies; and Michael Miller and Joseph Katz of the Whiting School of Engineering.

More details on this new honor and brief summaries of the scholars’ accomplishments are available in today’s issue of the Gazette and online at

Please join us in congratulating each of our Gilman Scholars. Their presence at Johns Hopkins does us honor and their brilliance, creativity and dedication inspire us.


Ronald J. Daniels and Lloyd B. Minor

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